Calculate the Range of a Trebuchet

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A more complete output and record of the input can be obtained below. Copy and paste it into a text document to record your trials and experiments. If you get a really good one with a very high efficiency (>75%), then you to increase the accuracy of the simulation by increasing npts--up to 1600 is allowed. If you do better than 75% while using npts =1600, please send a copy to me!

Note that the units of the range is the same as the length units input-- metric (English) in means metric (English) out.

To get more details, the angles and their derivatives can be output here. Copy and past them into a spreadsheet for graphing. Only 40 points out of those calculated are output into the table, however. If you are really motivated, these data can be used to readily calculate every other property of the motion and the energetics. It can also be used to infer the reliability of the convergence of the algorithm: if there are rapid changes or kinks in theta or psi, then there may be some inaccuracy in the integration of the differential equaton.

   t   range   th     phi    psi    thd   phid    psid

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